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Years of Experience Have Shown Why Portable
Trade Show Backdrops Make More Sense… Much More

Trade shows should not be dreaded!

After all, they are the lifeblood of an organization, providing a platform for your business to showcase your current, and most importantly your new offerings…they should be easy and fun!

As a salesperson, I’ve spent over 30 years storing, lugging and shipping trade show booth materials from event to event. Storage was a hassle and shipping a little scary, always hoping that all the logistics would work out as promised. Then there was the dreaded set-up and tear-down, a very tiring and lengthy process. Naturally I began to dread trade shows, who wouldn’t?

Hey, we’ve all seen the banner stands, posters, and signage that are pieced together in an attempt to create a booth backdrop…but they fall short. They’re a lot of work, wasted time, money and effort and not the best impression.

So, I thought, “How can I re-invent the trade show booth – there must be a better way”…and there is!

EZ Backdrops was created over 10 years ago to be the perfect portable trade show booth solution that sets up and breaks down in minutes, NOT hours. By utilizing the exhibition facility’s supplied pipe and drape as its supporting framework, there’s no need for storage, shipping, or lugging bulky framework. Weighing only 5 pounds, it’s convenient and never missing, because it folds easily into your briefcase or backpack. With EZ Backdrops the trade shows can actually be easy and fun!

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We look forward to helping you make your next trade show EZ’r.

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