5 Creative Trade Show Booth Ideas

Get More Visitors With These Trade Show Booth Ideas

Whether you are advertising the latest immersive video games at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, or simply selling your handmade wares at the local craft fair, you want your booth to stand out from the crowd and attract visitors. An appealing and interesting booth design shows that you care about your products and that, in turn, generates more foot-traffic toward you; and that’s the secret to trade show success. So, how do you go about designing an attention getting display? Well, you have come to the right place because we have 5 awesome trade show ideas to get you started! 

1. Trade Show Banners

Not to be taken for granted, an intriguing and lightweight banner is your initial introduction to all potential customers. That your banner be lightweight is important for portability, you don’t need any more weight added to your display booth because it’s already a lot of work to get set up. A nice colorful banner serves to promote your products and is a key advertising consideration; vivid colors and quality customized graphics will ensure that your banner is remembered. Keep in mind, a small space calls for an outstanding banner! 

2. Your Trade Show Booth Presentation

You have heard it before, but you can’t hear it enough, “It’s all in the presentation.” Whether it is a culinary creation or a great work of art, presentation matters.  Presentation is the element that makes a production “click.” And you know it works because you find it interesting, and you want to learn more. Your booth design is the anchor-point and it is important to keep budget in mind.Large corporations with deep pockets can spend lavishly on architecturally designed booths; small business owners, not so much. But that doesn’t mean your booth can’t be the best.Think about how you want it to flow. Do you want to include videos or slideshows?  Design for flow. Form follows function and once you have nailed your function you have the basis for excellence in how you present. You may even find that less is more and opt for a unique Zen garden approach to provide your visitors a welcome relaxing escape from the hectic pace elsewhere. And be sure that your booth design compliments the spirit of your product and never underestimate the power of a comfortable sitting area for your patrons. 

3. Make Your Booth Interactive!

Interactivity is essential for a successful trade show booth. People like to be engaged. Product engagement fires a prospect’s imagination and demonstrates the functionality and desirability of your product. People love to touch and fiddle with gizmos, ensure that your exhibit contains an element of the tactile. This could be as basic as a touch-screen display that allows the viewer to select the information or experience they want, or it could be a mechanical model (or several) on display. Whatever it is, if people can touch it – they will be interested.

Another method to add interactivity to your booth is to provide games and prizes for your visitors. Something fun and engaging, like trivia or pull-tab games are easy to produce and are always a hit, as is food! Food is another excellent way to bring potential customers your way. Tasty and healthy snacks are always welcome by trade show goers, it takes a lot of energy to stay on your feet for hours at a time. Always include water, a nice cold bottle of water is a sure-fire hit.

4. Include Social Media

The primary reason that you want to go learn and use social media as much as possible is that it is widely used. This means leverage for your message. The more outlets that you become aware of and use means your business is that much more visible. Plus, social media is cheap, all you do is sign up; and the more you use it the better you will become at honing your message. A crisp concise message is of the essence in the busy world we live in.

What’s the number one social media craze these days?  Well, arguably it is the “selfie” picture. If you build a fun “selfie” station, or even an old-fashioned photo booth, they will come. Consider a cardboard cutout where several friends can pose together in a whimsical way, say Zeus with three heads, for instance. Check to see if your event has a hashtag and use that to generate a hashtag for your booth. Learn about the other social media applications available and use them to generate foot traffic. Facebook, of course, is an essential these days.

5. Freebies Are Always Great

First, your business card. Your business card should be elegant and easy to read, avoid background pictures as that will really distract from the information you wish to convey. Solid colored backgrounds are fine if the text is offset by a standout color for the text. Not simply your business card, which is an essential, but consider the giveaways you intend to offer. People love the freebies. This doesn’t have to be an expensive venture, but it should directly relate to your business. Think of pens, mugs, wall calendars or other nick-nacks.

Mugs may be an expensive proposition, but they are sure to keep your name in the forefront of people’s minds. Think about how often these types of mugs are used in an office environment and the number of people who see them. You get the picture.

These are just a few of many good ideas and there’s a reason we started with banners. Banners are the beacon that people will use to find you in a crowded trade show. Banner supply companies like EZ Backdrops specialize in trade show banners. EZ Backdrops excels at quickly producing eye- catching banners that meet your expectations and specification. The good folks at EZ Backdrops are here to work with you and give substance to your creativity and success to your trade show endeavors.