Trade Show Tips 101

trade show tips

It’s Showtime – Now What?

1. Do your homework – find out who will be attending the show? (Customers, Prospects & Competitors)

2. What are your goals and what will a successful show look like to you?

#1 Benefit of a Tradeshow – compressed time & place to see new products/services

3 Key Elements to Having a Successful Trade Show:

  1. Booth Design
  2. Staffing
  3. Handouts

1. Booth Design

  • Pre-Show Marketing is critical – let your customers/prospects know you’ll be at the show!
  • Make sure you chose your booth location strategically – a high traffic, easily found and viewed location
  • Most attendees have a pretty good idea of what they are looking for, so make it easy for them to find YOU
  • Make sure everyone who visits your booth will remember YOU – First impression is critical!
  • Use the exhibition hall supplied booth ID card that clearly states your name and booth #
  • Is your product more important than the name of the company? If so, call it out…that’s what you’re selling
  • Think of your booth as a billboard that needs to quickly and clearly “call out” what you are selling
  • Attendees have a lot of area to cover in a short amount of time. Your message has to catch their attention quickly, intriguing them to stop in front of your booth
  • Make your booth inviting so that attendees are comfortable to come in to speak with you
  • Not everyone stops at every booth. Your objective is to engage qualified attendees and exhibitors
  • Attention Grabbing – It’s estimated that 10+% of attendees remember an interesting, appealing and welcoming booth – a booth that “intrigued them enough to stop”

2. Staffing

  • Aggressively, yet gracefully interrupt and engage “passer-byes” with a welcoming greeting to quickly discern “decision makers” and those who can really benefit from your offering
  • Your booth reps should all have the same “10 second elevator pitch” to stop and engage prospects
  • Don’t have booth reps sitting down, “waiting” for prospects to engage. A rep sitting there eating and telling jokes with the other reps does not send the right message for prospects to stop and find out more about what you are offering, no matter how exciting your booth may look!
  • Use open-ended questions. Questions that start with: “How”, “What”, “Why”, “When”
    (Example: How does your company use our product/service?)
  • Reps need to stay enthusiastic all day, excited and ready to provide prospects with the solutions they are seeking
  • Make the most of the time you have with your prospect to provide them with everything they need to know
  • You only have a limited amount of time to qualify your leads and determine their needs, goals and objectives…you need to focus on being solution oriented
  • Make sure that staffers can answer questions beyond the information in the pitch. If they don’t have a ready answer, make sure they call upon another staffer or get prospect contact info to follow up after the show

3. Handouts

Attractive literature that’s easy to read, and calls out the features and benefits of what you are selling

  • Literature in the back of the booth, inviting your prospects to feel welcomed to enter
  • Let your prospects know that you are the “solution” for their need
  • Literature should replicate your booth, making it easier to recall your company once they leave the show
  • Make sure your contact information is clearly and easily identified
  • When you hand them your literature ask them for a business card – this gives you their contact information and you can use it to make follow up notes on after they leave
  • The exhibition hall may provide lead forms or electronic card scanners. Consider using to gather attendee and exhibitor contact information
  • After the Show – Follow up promptly for the best results (within 7 – 10 days). Interest in your product or service will fade quickly as your customers/prospects return to their busy schedules.

Quick Turnaround Time Is Standard!




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