Trade Shows Should Not Be Dreaded!

After all, Trade Shows are the lifeblood of an organization, providing a platform for your business to showcase your current, and most importantly, your new offerings. Shows should be easy, fun and profitable!

As a salesperson, I’ve spent 30 years shipping, storing, and lugging trade show booth materials from event to event. Storage was a hassle and shipping, always scary. I’d hope that all the logistics would work out as promised, yet nervous that I’d show up and find an empty booth with a “sad story” from the expo event installer. Then, there was the dreaded set-up. A tiring and lengthy process, exhausting you before the show even started. Even as I set up, I knew the time-consuming tear down and pack up was yet to come. Naturally, I began to dread trade shows, who wouldn’t?

So, I brainstormed, “How can I re-invent the traditional trade show booth display? There must be a better way.” There was, there is…EZ Backdrops was born!

I created the first, truly lightweight, portable trade show display. One that you could actually carry with you to the show, erasing the shipping worries and problems. Now, with EZB, I could set up & tear down in minutes, NOT hours! A display that was not dependent on shipping, and easy (really easy) to install…an EZ Backdrops!

Since I’ve always had to deal with marketing and travel budgets, I needed an economically sound product. At $795, per EZB, a customer engaging, convenient yet budget friendly product was born.

I designed a full booth backdrop that weighs only 5 pounds and uses the exhibitor installed pipe and drape as its supporting frame. The pipe and drape are standard with every booth space rental which means there is no heavy, bulky frame to buy, ship, store, or lug! Saving me (and you) money, backache, and time! 

If show travel is part of your life, you will love EZ Backdrops.

With your EZ Backdrops, you’ll quickly realize why you’ll be “Last To The Show - First To Go”

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EZ Backdrops Saves You Time and Money

Quick Turnaround Time Is Standard!




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